Focus scatter cushion, 32x52x12 cm

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Focus scatter cushion, 32x52x12 cm

Type: Accessories
Item number: 5290Y140
Stackable: No
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***· Modern design · Strong polypropylene fabric · Covers for scatter cushions and plaids are washable at 30 ºC (machine wash) · High lightfastness · Excellent for both indoor and outdoor use · Long lifespan · Minimal maintenance and cleaning ***

Complete your furniture arrangement with beautiful, soft and practical decorative scatter cushions. The scatter cushion are available in different colours and fabric. The fabric is selected PP, so the cushion is UV-resistant, antibacterial and non-allergenic.

Focus scatter cushion, 32x52x12 cm (5290Y)
32 cm
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52 cm
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12 cm
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