Flip folding table, small, 80x80 cm


Flip folding table, small, 80x80 cm

Type: Dining
Item number: 50001T
Stackable: No
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Flip is a folding table made of teak. Flip is a new interpretation of the classic folding tables with an emphasis on superb design and quality. The Danish duo Strand+Hvass are the designers behind the attractive design. The warm teak adds an inviting glow to the simple and elegant folding tables. Flip folding tables are ideal in cramped outdoor spaces with limited storage space.

To preserve the original unique teak colour and maintain the fine teak wood, we recommend to use Cane-line Teak Care products. Our care products help to preserve the nice and warm golden-brown colour of your teak furniture.

Flip folding table, 80 x 80 cm, small, Teak (50001)
80 cm
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80 cm
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73 cm
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