I-Am carpet 200x300 cm (7102Y)


I-Am carpet 200x300 cm (7102Y)

Type: Accessories
SKU: 7102Y81

· Classic design · Resistant material with a long lifespan · Minimal maintenance and cleaning

Our series of outdoor carpets are truly a result of great craftsmanship. All outdoor carpets are handmade in layers using the durable and strong Cane-line Tex® material. I-am outdoor carpets are designed for the outdoor space but can also be used inside. Our outdoor carpets help define and give the final touches to your outdoor lounge or dining area, and thereby enhance the total outdoor or indoor experience.

Width: 200 cm | 78.8 inches *

Depth: 300 cm | 118.2 inches *

Height: 1 cm | 0.4 inches *

Weight: 23 kg | 50.8 lbs *

* Measurements & weight displayed do not include any selected add-on

MaterialCane-line Tex®

Cane-line Tex® maintenance manual

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