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    Cane-line Elements is a vibrant and dynamic collection of unique design products based on functional, timeless and socially responsible principles. The collection is Scandinavian, innovative and multi-functional, since many of the products can be used inside and out. Create your own personal style with Cane-line Elements.

    Elements lounge

    A vibrant and living assortment of unique lounge furniture designs, based on functional and timeless Scandinavian design principles. Are you looking to soften the stringent design, give your lounge spaces a personal touch or just experience a high level of comfort inside your home or outside on your patio - You will definitely be able to find a lounge furniture design that fits your need.

    Elements dining

    Our selection of dining designs for both indoor & outdoor use is created to give you - the customer - the freedom and flexibility to decide where and how you would like to use the furniture. Whether as part of a dining group where you gather your loved ones or as part of a seating corner in a small space in your balcony. The choice is yours.

    Elements accessories

    Small tables, cushions, rugs and storage boxes are all details that add the finishing touch to both indoor and outdoor design spaces. Create a truly unique atmosphere with Cane-line elements accessories. Most accessory designs can be used both indoor and outdoor. Besides being used as fixed parts of a design layout, all Cane-line accessory designs can also be used as interchangeable and movable pieces of designer accessory pieces.