The home of Sofie Amalie

The home of Sofie Amalie

The home of Sofie Amalie

Sofie Amalie Rolandsen lives in Frederiksberg in Copenhagen with her family consisting of her boyfriend Niels and 1-year old son, Walter. Sofie Amalie worked at a design agency before her maternity leave, but subsequently she chose to start as a freelance instagrammer, blogger, interior designer and web shop owner. Sofie Amalie's instagram profile “Thusthefuss” exudes her great passion for interior design, and she shares many inspiring interior photos from the couple's apartment. 

From hobby to livelihood 

Sofie Amalie has always had a great passion when it comes to interior design, recycling finds and do-it-yourself projects. So, after the birth of her son, she decided to pursue the dream, and ended up making her year-long hobby her way of life. 

Her very own style 

Both functionality and aesthetics are highly valued at Sofie Amalie’s home when it comes to the décor of the couple's apartment. According to her, décor must not be too stylish or too solemn. 

 “My style is a colourful mix of design classics and recycled finds. I love working with contrasts! ... For me it is important to create a living space that is both a joy to look at AND be in.” 

Renovation of the apartment  

"When we completely renovated our apartment, it was very important for us to be true to the original style and architecture." 

The apartment has been transformed with great respect for the original floor plan and style of the apartment. The couple has kept the old wing doors and added a built-in bookshelf. They have opened up all the way between the dining room and living room, so they now share one large room. The two rooms are bound together by an old glass wall, which gives charm and character to the space. 

The basic elements are kept in a classic style, and this has made the couple want to be a little more brave, challenging and fun when it comes to decor, where they often change wall colour, use a lot of colours and move around the furniture. 

"As I said, I like contrasts, and think, for example, that the 'Nest' chair in the fine natural materials gives a good calm and contrast to the coloured walls." 

Inspiration from social media 

Sofie Amalie finds great inspiration for her home through Instagram and Pinterest, where she follows many others, who like herself, share many lovely home photos. In addition, she finds her inspiration in various housing magazines, and from well-appointed restaurants and hotels. 

 "And then I love looking at sales ads, it's always fun and inspiring to see how other people live in their homes." 

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