Søren Rose Studio & Cane-line beautifully united

Søren Rose Studio & Cane-line beautifully united

Søren Rose Studio & Cane-line beautifully united

When you combine American, Mediterranean and Asian influences with Scandinavian design, the result is pure magic. Therefore, Cane-line has partnered with New York-based Søren Rose Studio. The collaboration has resulted in unconventional and innovative designs. 



For the past 15 years, Søren Rose Studio has designed interiors for fashionable Hong Kong apartments and flagship stores in Los Angeles, as well as furniture and other collections for Scandinavian and American design brands. From spring 2021, you can experience the uncompromising designs from Søren Rose Studio in Cane-line's Outdoor Collection

We have moved “behind the scenes” with Søren Rose Studio and have taken a closer look at how their fantastic designs are being created. From this talk, an exciting interview has taken form, focusing on design inspiration, work philosophy and with a closer look at the design process of the new Basket lounge series, which has been developed for Cane-line's Outdoor Collection

Photo by: Jasper Carlberg  


Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

“Usually, travelling is an important part of my design process, the state when I move from one place to another is a small existential revelation where there is time for immersion and development of new designs. But at the moment when we cannot travel, I am looking for a plot elsewhere. - Instead, I visit local skilled craftsmen to see how they work with metal, ceramics or wood. These visits have created some strong ideas and contributed to the dramaturgy we work with, for example in the furniture designs we currently are developing for Cane-lines 2022 Outdoor Collection."

 Photo by: Jasper Carlberg 


What are your main priorities and which considerations do you have when developing a new design?

“I have one important rule in the design studio, which is that we should desperately want the furniture we design ourselves. If the design does not ignite a fire, an interest, almost a small materialistic desire, then it is better to let the idea die. The world does not need another half-hearted product."

How do you stay up to date with current trends? Is it important for you to follow the current trend, or is it more important for you to "stand out from the crowd"?

"I do not deal with trends and have never done so. For me, it is about having good or bad taste and about mastering styles. I can enter a home and think that the décor is complete - possibly not to my liking, but it is complete – and that often makes me wonder if it is right or wrong. Of course, gut feeling and intuition is a decisive factor and are currently being put to the test when most interactions take place online."



What inspired you to design Basket?

“Our starting point was to make something that oozes of good memories, warmth and holidays. Basket is created for a super cosy and ‘leaned back’ environment, and therefore during the process, we have also dreamed of southern skies and let ourselves be inspired by how to decorate outdoor spaces there. The Southern references  are shown, among other things, in the low seating height and in the feminine curves, which are seen both from the front, from the side and from behind. This is exactly our intention, that the furniture should be beautiful from all angles; in this way, they can be placed freely in a room and give a more informal look - emphasized by the natural materials."

Can you give a brief description of the design process of the Basket lounge series? Which considerations and steps are part of the process for developing a new design?

“I have a special connection with this particular type of furniture, because I myself grew up with weave furniture mixed with Danish design classics. The woven finish gives a natural look, which makes the furniture more domestic and relaxed - but also more exotic."



 My work philosophy is…:

“Furniture design must be fun and be a rewarding process where we work together with good people. Life is too short for unsympathetic acquaintances. My experience is that, when we as humans feel good and feel safe, we dare to invest more and contribute with unique solutions."

Photo by: Jasper Carlberg