Cane-line Indoor Collection 2020

Cane-line Indoor Collection 2020

Cane-line Indoor Collection 2020

The summer might come to an end soon, but that does not mean that interior for autumn should be dark and boring. We are happy to introduce our new indoor collection. A collection of beautiful, warm earthy colours and specially the sustainable natural material – rattan. A collection that invites the calm and light atmosphere from the outdoor space into your home.

Be inspired by the new collection with timeless designs and inspiration from the nature and traditional craftmanship from Indonesia.

Inspiration from nature

The sustainable natural material, rattan, is a recurring element in the new indoor collection. This is due to our love for the endless possibilities the material provides, and the aspect of taking a part of the nature with us inside in our living rooms.

The warm earthy colour from rattan is perfect for creating a bright and inviting home with a strong connection to nature. We have gained knowledge and experience about the natural material from our local employees in Indonesia, who has a long tradition for working with rattan. Their great knowledge of the material means that they know its possibilities best and in the detail.

Simple design with space for contemplation

The indoor collection also offers new pieces for the modern and minimalist home with focus on simplicity and elegant design. The dark products ooze of Scandinavian design and style – a simple design of high quality.

With a simple and minimalist design, you are able to create a home with a calm space for contemplation. The new indoor collection aims to create a calm environment in your home. Simple and minimalist do not have to be boring, therefore we have developed exclusive textiles, such as fabric and leather that gives a personal touch to your home.

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Products featured: Sense 3-seater sofa; Nest lounge chair INDOOR; Sense lounge chair; Peak chair, Roll bar trolley; Peacock chair INDOOR; Noble chair